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HR Certification Test Prep - Check it Out - Add-On

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Mark Ewing, PHR/SPHR
2 Hours 20 Minutes

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Come "Check Out" the newest HREN Test Preparation Add-On--"Check it Out" videos.

This Add-On product is the perfect supplement to anyone preparing for the HR Certification Exams who needs to reinforce KEY test concepts. This bundle includes 15 videos (7-15 minutes in length) that break down some of the most important and complex concepts on the exam! Topics include:

Unit 1:

  • Analytics (Part 1 & 2)
  • Financial Statements
  • Key Performance Indicators

Unit 2:

  • Adverse Impact
  • Forecasting Employment Needs
  • Recruiting Effectiveness

Unit 3:

  • Training

Unit 4:

  • Incentive Pay with Overtime
  • Pay Grades & Compa-Ratios
  • Piece Rate Compensation
  • The Point Method

Unit 5:

  • Union Representation
  • Labor Relations Legislation
  • Unit 5 Highlights

These short videos can be viewed anytime/anywhere. They break down these difficult concepts and provide information and examples that are crucial to your understanding and ultimately your success on the exam.


Mark Ewing, PHR/SPHR's Profile

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Mark Ewing is a high school math teacher turned Human Resources professional. His first experience in HR was as Executive Director at a nonprofit outdoor camp and retreat center, where he discovered his love for people and development were a natural fit in this new industry. He first served as Recruitment & Training Manager and Staffing Director for youth and service-oriented nonprofits in Oklahoma and Colorado. Since then, he worked in Talent Acquisition in the global corporate industry and today enjoys serving his community as Recruiting Specialist in his local city government. Mark and his wife Debbie were classmates at Chandler High School in Arizona and have five grown kids living in Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas…and a 1-year-old grandson in Texas. Mark and Debbie are both professional talent acquisition professionals and live in northern Colorado.

Mark’s favorite things are mountain sports, church and volunteer work, domestic (all 50 states!) and international travel, and showing off his recently-acquired SPHR certification!