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Next Program Begins Feb. 24

The Effective Leader-Coach development program equips leaders to facilitate long-term solutions while significantly reducing daily frustrations. This program was designed with today’s busy leader in mind using a two-level approach.

  • Level 1: In just 90 days, recognize when you get in your own way, increase personal and team productivity, and start developing strong interpersonal relationships.   
  • Level 2: Equips leaders that have completed Level 1 with the tools necessary to hold others accountable and develop strong interpersonal relationships.
Level 1 Level 2
Course Structure  Course Structure

Level 1 is designed for the learner who requires a flexible on demand schedule

  • 4 Live Webcast recordings
  • 3 LIVE sessions
  • Application exercises between each session
  • Online participant guide
  • Reference materials
  • Complete in 90 days

Level 1 is a stand-alone course or can be used as a prerequisite for Level 2.

Level 2 registration is limited to provide a personalize experience.

  • 7 LIVE interactive sessions
    • 3 of the 7 are live coaching workshops that provide a safe environment to practice coaching skills, observe coaching, and receive coaching
  • 1 Live Webcast recording
  • Online participant guide
  • Reference materials

A total of 12 weeks with a winter/spring break between weeks 7 and 8

Objectives Objectives 

As a result of successful completion of Level 1, participants will be able to:

  • Clearly articulate the differences between a Managing Leader and a LEADER-COACH
  • Define coaching as it applies to leadership
  • Understand the relevance of emotional intelligence and change management to leading effectively
  • Competently demonstrate seven professional coaching competencies
  • Master the art of getting to Clarity in everyday conversations using the FOCUS coaching model

As a result of successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate ten coaching competencies (7 from Level 1 and 3 new in Level 2)
  • Effectively use the complete FOCUS coaching model to shift employees from current to desired states
  • Develop a personalized coaching leadership style
  • Deliver feedback that increases effectiveness and supports interpersonal relationships
  • Refine coaching techniques through competency-based feedback  
  • Proactively manage change using Change Management methodologies
  • Implement a change plan to address one organizational or team opportunity by applying the course learning

Not sure this program is right for you?  
Take the Leadership Lies that are Sabotaging Your Results - a preview of the full Effective LEADER-COACH course. 

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