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Jan Fraser

Reinvention is embarking on something new, entering a different phase of life or making a change.  It usually comes at a time of transition or uncertainty. It's something we've all done at some point in our lives…whether we realized it at the time or not.  The reinvention process could have come and gone without us even being aware we were in it. 

It may have been a 'mini' Reinvention, or a major one.  It may have been personal or professional, positive, or negative.  Reinventions come in all shapes and sizes and we can all learn to Thrive through Reinvention. 

No matter what it looks like, Reinvention always starts with an Oomph - something that begins your Reinvention.  Some Oomphs are chosen for us...others we choose.  The Oomph is the first of 7 Steps that will help you navigate the journey.  

Thankfully, Jan Fraser is your Reinvention expert! Jan has developed the 7 step process for reinventing.  In this course, Jan will introduce you to the steps and show you how you can emerge successfully on the other side of Reinvention, creating your best life and feeling good about yourself in the process!